Actuarial Services

shutterstock_283236740ARC prides itself on providing expert, detailed, honest, and impartial actuarial analysis to each of our many public and private-sector clients. Employing skilled actuaries and analysts, ARC offers a breadth of actuarial services including rate review, rate setting, modeling, and health care finance consulting. Because we serve a wide range of clients, we maintain a staff with a wide array of health actuarial expertise, enabling us to tailor a specific solution for each client. Whether analyzing specific public policy proposals, simulating the wide-ranging impacts of health care financing changes, or reviewing rates established in the private health insurance sector, ARC can bring to bear the tools, experience, and expertise appropriate to the task.

This flexibility manifests itself in many ways:

  • Experience with many types of public programs (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security),
  • Experience with many types of insurance products (LTC, Health),
  • Facility with many types of data sources (public survey, administrative data, government forms (5500)),
  • Development of client-specific models intended to be operated by the client

In support of this work, our staff remain up-to-date on the relevant legal provisions of Federal Programs (Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, PPACA), emerging health care trends, and original private research through thorough review of actuarial and health-related studies and publications from sources such as the Society of Actuaries, American Academy of Actuaries, Kaiser Family Foundation, Urban Institute, Health Affairs, and Medical Care.