What We Do

Actuarial Services
Throughout its 40 year history, ARC has provided unbiased actuarial consulting to a variety of clients. ARC employs subject area experts and is up-to-date regarding trends and challenges facing the health care sector and their impact on public health care programs. The services provided by ARC include modeling, rate setting, rate review and consulting.

Health Care Financing
ARC has long provided expert analysis in the realm of public health policy. Whether modeling proposals for government agencies, policy advocacy groups, or other research institutions, ARC brings to bear its decades of experience in the financing of public health programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and PPACA delivering analysis that is timely, relevant, honest, and unbiased.

Health Care Utilization, Quality, and Care Improvement
We use Medicare and Medicaid administrative data to aid in projects directed at improving patient care and patient health and at reducing medical expenditures. Using our knowledge of data systems, data mining, and analytical review, we are able to design, inform, and review a variety of initiatives.

Rate Review and Rate Setting
We have extensive experience in both rate setting and review. Using an approach that is flexible to the latest information and knowledgeable of longer term trends, we can produce rates that are sufficient and we can ascertain the reasonableness of rates produced elsewhere.

Employer Sponsored Benefits
ARC are experts in the analysis of employer sponsored benefits, including both pension and welfare benefits. The firm performs various analyses of coverage levels, participation, and actuarial values using a variety of publicly available datasets.

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