At Actuarial Research Corporation (ARC), we are committed to supporting government and other stakeholders in the health care financing system. Our mission is to provide our clients with timely, high quality, and expert research, analysis and cost estimates. We do this with staff members who are recognized experts in the disciplines of actuarial science, statistics, data analysis, economics and health services research. 

We are a small company, with main offices in Annandale Virginia and Columbia Maryland, but most of us work remotely at least some days each week. In addition to benefits such as a comprehensive healthcare plan, we believe our low attrition rate is due in part to our more progressive benefits, such as: 

  • 401k employer contribution with no minimum individual contribution 
  • Flexible working hours, including an adjusted full-time model at 32 hours per week (we would also consider employing you on a part-time basis) 
  • 12 paid holidays (up to 5 can be used at any point during the year), up to 20 accrued vacation days, and up to 10 accrued sick days 


  • Interested in actuarial science. You earned, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field with at least two semesters of statistics, and you have passed at least one actuarial exam. 
  • A critical thinker. You have fluency with numbers and data, a desire to use those skills to untangle complex problems, and the ability to draw meaningful insights. 
  • A skilled communicator. You can present data in clear, straightforward prose that is appropriate for a range of audiences. 
  • Collegial. You enjoy working with other people, gaining insight into what they do, and making people laugh once in a while. You operate on an even keel and your ideal work environment is calm and drama-free. 
  • Precise. You want to get things right. Mildly obsessive about reviewing your own work, you are careful to make sure the internal logic of a survey is cohesive and the numbers you report are correct. 
  • Efficient. You complete work in a timely fashion, respect deadlines, and appreciate that other people need time to review your work before it is delivered to the client. 
  • Curious. You know something about health care financing, research or strategy. But you are driven to learn and grow professionally. 
  • Computer-friendly. You are proficient in Microsoft Office products. If you have experience with statistical software such as SAS, R, or Stata, that’s a plus. 


As an actuarial student, you will receive formal and on-the-job training in the functions and activities performed by actuaries in the data and analytic tools used by ARC staff. You will gain appropriate experience in the application of related knowledge, theories, principles, and practices. 

Specifically, you will: 

  • Work as a team member in the planning and preparation of work products. 
  • Apply cost estimating methods and data analysis to assess the effect of various factors on programs or models being analyzed. 
  • Assist and support in development of estimation methodologies and models for historical and program operations, in addition to those related to the testing of new payment models. 
  • Participate in the review of results and the preparation of reports. 
  • Review and summarize literature related to assigned topics. 
  • Pursue certification as an Associate Member of the Society of Actuaries. 


  • Increasing professional knowledge of and skill in applying principles, theories, concepts, and methods of actuarial science. 
  • Increasing knowledge of data sources and statutory and regulatory provisions sufficient to research, analyze, interpret, evaluate, and perform well-precedented assignments and to conduct analytical investigations. 
  • Ability to perform, interpret, and correlate various calculations, analyses, and computations for unknown factors or relationships that are primarily matters of a factual nature or that involve mechanisms that are well understood. 
  • Ability to use computers and information technology and their varied applications to accomplish projects, designs, plans, and reports. 
  • Ability to select and modify appropriate methods of operation, analyze and interpret results, and prepare reports. 
  • Knowledge of and skill to plan, coordinate, and execute studies of increasing difficulty and responsibility. 
  • Knowledge of methods of data analysis, including probability, statistics, and trend analysis. 
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word. 


  • Send a copy of your resume and a good telephone number and email address by which we can contact you, to resumes@aresearch.com