About ARC

figures, hands, calculator ARC is a veteran-owned small business that was originally founded to support governmental analysis of health care and other benefits. We are continuing and expanding that mission today, examining health insurance coverage, quality, and costs for individual states, national programs, and the U.S. and international governments.  We have also expanded our client base to include non-governmental organizations and private companies.

ARC has established an international reputation over the course of nearly 50 years for reliably providing expert advice to our clients that is rigorous, high quality, and timely.  Using actuarial methods, innovative data analysis, and unbiased research techniques, our work provides advanced insights into the rapid evolution of health care financing and insurance.

We are a unique organization encompassing actuarial, statistical, data analysis, economic and health research activities with staff members who are recognized experts in their fields.  Our employees’ unswerving focus on providing high quality, unbiased analysis and research has enabled us to consistently maintain the highest standards for our trusted partners and clients.

Mission of ARC

Our mission is to provide timely, high quality, and expert research analysis and cost estimates to our clients utilizing actuarial science, health services research, and advanced data analytics, while also providing opportunities for employees to thrive personally and professionally in a small, informal workplace.